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Best Photography Services in Hyderabad

Brandgear is a full-service e-commerce photography services in Hyderabad that not only believes in capturing beautiful pictures but produces works of art. Organizing a product photo is pretty overwhelming and helps people to make their purchase decision. Since customers do not have any option to touch, feel or hold the product, they rely on product descriptions and images for online purchasing.

The requirement of e-commerce photography: E-commerce photography has become essential for brands to showcase their products and services, to attract their targeted audience and enhance their sales. Every product that is available online must have been photographed in the best way, including their detailed images in important parts. As per a survey, a high defined picture helps consumers to make their decisions 30-second faster than the poor image quality. The uploading poor quality picture can make customers go away without purchasing.

Brand gear as a Best Photography Service in Hyderabad, provides reliable, cost-effective and attractive e-commerce photography services, to meet your audience requirements. We help your business to execute and organize high-quality images with ease and precision.

Our service offers:

  • In-studio photography
  • On-premises photography
  • On-location photoshoot
  • Lifestyle photoshoot
  • Model acquisition
  • Images editing, Photo retouching, color correction, and formatting

We provide – high-definition, clear and exceptional quality pictures, to be uploaded easily on any platform.

Why brand gear?

All your need at one stop:

From the beginning of the product finalization to the end of the photo session, top e-commerce photo session in Hyderabad expert team, assure to deliver high-quality pictures with proper lighting and placement, on time.

High quality and attractive images: Our e-commerce Photography expert team ensures to capture quality pictures to attract people to push online sales of products.

Cost-effective service: We are proficient with logistic service and deliver valuable services at pocket-friendly rates.

High customize services: We understand the importance of photography for any business. We take each project as a new chance for us to showcase our skills. We make sure to meet with our client’s requirements and his additional requests.

What we focus on?

Basic organization tips: Before start working on photography, we customize the products, and keep them tagged to remember. Spend some time to keep the camera and other stuff ready to eliminate:

  • Noise
  • Soft focus (loss of sharpness)
  • Compression artifacts
  • Low resolution (pixel count)

As customers expect more and want to view the product from each angle, we as the Best Photography studio in Hyderabad offer more than a standard picture/images. By going through a rigorous process, we take extra care of all images. We endeavor to devise a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Photography tips that we follow:

  1. Proper lighting: Without proper lighting, neither product nor background is going to appear clearly. Natural lighting or studio lighting can be used for a better experience.
  2. Tripod: Might be it sounds like unnecessary equipment, but it helps to capture pictures perfectly from different angles.
  3. Use simple props: Do not get overly ambitious for product props. Keep the products in focus and use props to brighten the photograph for your viewers.
  4. Take multiple shots from various angles: Sometimes just one shot is not enough or good for the product. So try to take multiple shots, to choose the best from them.
  5. Product photography specifications: Try to keep pictures in IFF (.tif/.tiff), JPG (.jpg/.jpeg), GIF (.gif), or PNG (.png) files, with professional images not illusionary.

Whenever we doubt the product and angle, we keep the background plain and simple to ensure the product we are trying to sell doesn’t get lost in the shot. We describe products by nitty-gritty details, to drive prospective customers.

Best Ecommerce Photography Services in Hyderabad

Brand gear work in the pursuit of your goal to drive clicks from interested consumers, by showing the vast range of your products, with our appealing photography.